Making Your Projects Pop!

(but not on the mic of course)

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*Represented by NV Talent

*Has access to Home Studio for commissioned projects!

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Recent projects: 

Passages Virtual Tour of Israel 













Narrator for Audible, Amazon (Latest: Experience Over Stuff...)                                                            


Narrator for Gyst Audio, Online Digital Article Platform 


Witness/ Grand Juror, B.O.L.O. Ferguson Grand Jury Testimony

Larger Vision LLC (Legal Trial Case Audios) 


Voiceover Coach for SPACE

Columbia College Chicago Mainstage Production, Brian Shaw


Narrator for National Opioid Prevention Center Commercial

*Abby holds a minor in VO from Columbia College Chicago.

Coaches: Deb Doetzer, marssie Mencotti, Dave Heppner, Jeff Lupetin 

Guest coaches: Donovan Weyland, Brad Grusnick

KCTS9 PBS Election Campaign